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Splash offers a variety of Portable and Fixed Structures that can be temporary or permanent. Our range includes EPS Flat Pack Buildings and Fabric Structures with galvanized steel or aluminium frames.

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Splash Arch Shelters & Industrial Tents

Fabric Arch Shelters (soft tops) are our steel frame range of portable fabric structures and are most commonly used for portable, temporary or semi permanent sheds, warehouses, shade shelters, workshops and aircraft hangars.  Fabric Roofs are cool in Summer and warm in Winter, and snow just slides away from the none freezing canopies.  Some of our designs are popular in Alaska.

Hard-Top Arch Shelters are the same as our fabric  range but are more for those who must have maximum security and fire protection.  Materials used include full steel panels and/or modern synthetic panels.

Available for shipment to anywhere in Australia from Sydney or Melbourne, we also offer cyclone, earthquake and snow rated models.

Industrial Tents include popular Aluminium frames with PVC or Traditional Steel Pole (Circus Style) Tents, geared to events and entertainment, with some industrial applications for the Aluminium Tents. 

  • Steel frame Shelters come in widths:  3 to 30 Meters wide, 
  • Aluminium Structures available: 5 to 50 meters wide.

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Splash Flat Pack Structures 

Many are considering converting a container into a shack, home or office  ... here are some good reasons to consider our flat pack containers first! 

Splash Flat Pack Containers are really neat insulated modular boxes that use the technology of a container, but arrive as a flat pack kit and only take a few hours to assemble.   They are classified as portable and temporary structures, and very suitable for DIY.  

Splash Flat Pack Containers include a host of interesting add-on's like glass wall panels, bay windows, partitions, windows, roller doors and sliding glass doors.  You can add a gable or slanted roof with or without a patio, or change the flat white steel cladding colour and or cladding style to ribbed or corrugated.  They can be stacked two (2) high, any width or length, to create a site shelter, hostel, workers quarters, office complex or other larger need.  Kitchenettes, Bathrooms and Staircases are also available.

Flat Packs are already used for best budget villages, mining quarters, sheds, storage lockups, hostels, refuge shelters, hospital accommodation, studios, granny flats, shops, booths, kiosks, signal boxes, workshops and offices.  Available in regular A-B Region as standard, can be modified to cyclone C and D standards.

EPS Panel Structures are our quick build solution for our special housing and fixed structure projects, ranging from cabins and sheds to huge hangars. 

Folding Steel Containers are another useful storage tool for any industry.  The same cladding and sizes as shipping containers and just as strong, folding containers arrive as a flat pack and can be erected or dismantled in under an hour.  They do not have twist locks, so they cannot be stacked,  but they can be moved using a fork lift or transported using a truck ... we can also mount on wheels for inside use.

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Portable Structures and Buildings are becoming more popular as long term structures ... with the start stop economy that most businesses now experience, it is almost impossible to predict when a downturn may occur, so many appreciate the option of being able to move their structures at any time the future.


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